Equus ferus caballus

Habitat and Geographical Distribution: The horse appeared 40 million years ago and has continued to evolve since then. Today, the domestic horse is distributed all over the planet, with the most diverse of purposes including education, work and even sport.

Diet: Herbivore; feeds exclusively on vegetable matter.

Reproduction: The gestation period is 11 to 12 months, normally females have only 1 offspring born in spring when the female has plenty of food. When the young reach 4 years of age, they are able to begin their reproductive life despite not being fully developed.

Behaviour: Very curious and docile animal. Herd animal with well-established dominance. Horses have various ways of communicating including grooming rituals, vocalisations and body language.

Conservation status: Least Concern (LC)


Class: Mammalia

Order: Perissodactyla

Family: Equidae

Length: 150-180 cm to the withers

Lifespan: 25-40 years

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