Meet The Giraffes

An interaction with our charismatic giraffes.


If you are a fan of the tallest mammal on the planet and enjoy adventure, embark on a private jeep tour to meet our giraffes. Experience exclusive moments in close contact with these animals of the Rothschild subspecies, one of the most endangered in the world. Accompanied by a handler with training and experience, you will visit our shelter with a height of over 10 meters, where you can interact with our giraffes. Don’t miss the opportunity to live an exciting and unforgettable moment and capture unique photographs.

By purchasing this or any other VIP Experience at Badoca Safari Park, you will have access to all available activities with your park entrance ticket and benefit from priority entry without waiting in ticket queues. You can buy your ticket online, but we kindly ask you to reserve your Meet the Giraffes at least 1 week in advance by sending an email to [email protected]. This way, we can ensure availability and prepare everything to welcome you in a special manner. The prices indicated are per person, the same for adults and children (children under 4 years old do not pay). Please come adequately prepared with comfortable footwear and practical clothing. We allow delays of up to a maximum of 15 minutes.



Duration: Approximately 1h30.

Sessions and schedules: Reserve your activity at least 1 week in advance by sending an email to [email protected]; the schedule will be defined according to availability on the day of the visit.

Restrictions: If you have specific medical/mobility needs, please inform us when making the reservation.

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