Carnivorous Birds

Chimango caracara

Habitat and geographic distribution: Natural fields, grasslands, agricultural areas, beaches and sand banks. Originally from South America, it is present in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay. Diet: Opportunist, feeds on a wide variety of invertebrates, amphibians and reptiles, small... LER MAIS.

Turkey Vulture

Habitat and geographic distribution: Arid areas, pastures, subtropical forests, periphery of urban areas. Found almost throughout the Americas, from Canada to South America. Diet: Scavenger, feeds on carcasses of capybaras, tapirs, deer and birds. Has a preference for smaller animals... LER MAIS.

Red-legged Seriema

Habitat and Geographical Distribution: Forests, savannahs and grasslands of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Diet: Insects and small vertebrates, like rodents and reptiles. Reproduction: Nest in trees using sticks and branches. The nest is lined with mud, manure and... LER MAIS.

Marabou Stork

Habitat and Geographical Distribution: Wetlands and drylands, savannahs and grasslands. Also often found near landfills and fishing villages. Tropical Africa from Senegal to Eritrea, Ethiopia and western Somalia, southern Namibia and northern and eastern South Africa. Diet: Opportunist, consuming any... LER MAIS.

Harris’s hawk

Habitat and Geographical Distribution: Low and flat lands, mangroves, pastures, cultivated fields, wooded and swampy areas. Found in south-west USA, north-western Mexico and Central and South America. Diet: Prefer small vertebrates, but also eat large insects. Their diet varies depending... LER MAIS.

Griffon Vulture

Habitat and Geographical Distribution: Wide variety of habitats, preferably open areas with few or no trees, such as plains, hills or mountain plateaus. Essentially a Palaearctic distribution with a wide nesting range in Europe. Some juveniles migrate after the breeding... LER MAIS.

Tawny owl

Habitat and geographic distribution: Mixed and coniferous forests, agricultural areas, parks and urban areas. Widely distributed in the Palaearctic. Can be found from Portugal to China and even in North Africa. Diet: Small mammals, small birds, amphibians, reptiles, annelids and... LER MAIS.

Southern Caracara

Habitat and Geographical Distribution: Open fields, savannahs, forest edges, beaches and urban areas. Neotropical distribution from Argentina to the southern United States, with their largest population in south-east and north-east Brazil. Diet: Rather opportunistic omnivore, takes advantage of all available... LER MAIS.

Abyssinian Ground-hornbill

Habitat and Geographical Distribution: Rocky areas such as cliffs and mountain peaks, meadows, forests and savannahs. Africa - from Senegal, The Gambia and Mauritania in West Africa to northern Kenya, Uganda, Eritrea, Ethiopia and north-western Somalia. Diet: Mostly carnivorous. Feed... LER MAIS.