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African Spurred Tortoise

Habitat and Geographical Distribution: Grasslands, shrublands and dry savannahs along the southern edge of the Sahara desert. Diet: Opportunist and omnivore. Feeds mainly on herbaceous and some succulent plants, but also on animal carcasses encountered. This is the largest terrestrial... LER MAIS.

Leopard Tortoise

Habitat and Geographical Distribution: Arid and savannah regions of eastern and southern Africa. Diet: Herbivore. Diet includes a wide variety of plants. Reproduction: Oviparous. Females prepare nests on the ground. After laying 6-15 eggs, the female covers the nest with... LER MAIS.


Habitat and Geographical Distribution: South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Inhabit savannah and plain areas. Diet: Omnivores. Scarabs, caterpillars, spiders, scorpions, small reptiles and birds, eggs, plants and fruit. Reproduction: Usually, the alpha male and female reserve the right to... LER MAIS.


Habitat and Geographical Distribution: Swamps in tropical forests and the more humid regions of the savannahs of western and central African. Diet: Herbivores: plants, especially sedges, fallen fruit and bark of some trees. Reproduction: Viviparous. Gestation of approximately 247 days,... LER MAIS.

Indian Peafowl

Habitat and Geographical Distribution: Asia Diet: Prefer to feed on insects and other small invertebrates, but they can also eat seeds and fruits. Reproduction: At the time of reproduction the female lays 4 to 8 eggs with an incubation period of... LER MAIS.

Common Warthog

Habitat and Geographical Distribution: Savannahs, steppes and semi-deserts in Africa, from Mauritania to Ethiopia and to southwards to Namibia and South Africa. Found up to 3000m altitude on Kilimanjaro but also at sea level in coastal areas. Diet: Omnivores: plants,... LER MAIS.

Silvery-Cheeked Hornbill

Habitat and Geographical Distribution: Evergreen forests of East Africa to South Africa. Prefers thorny bushes and arid environments. Diet: Omnivorous. Fruits, small insects and small vertebrates (rodents, small reptiles, etc.) Reproduction: Oviparous. During courting, the male offers the female food.... LER MAIS.

Swan Goose

Habitat and Geographical Distribution: Migratory species. Breeding grounds include rivers and lakes abundant in reeds on the steppes of Mongolia, northern China and Russia. In winter, they are found in coastal habitats such as estuaries in western China. Diet: Omnivore. ... LER MAIS.

Common Moorhen

Habitat and Geographical Distribution: At dusk live in low trees or bushes. Wide distribution, found in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, in temperate and tropical zones, common on oceanic islands. In Europe, they are found in Finland, Scandinavia, the British... LER MAIS.