Galinha Comum

Gallus gallus domesticus

Habitat and Geographical Distribution: Species with wide distribution on all continents.

Diet: They essentially feed on grains, fruits, leaves, petals and even rice, maize and even beans. They usually ingest small stones that help grind food in the gizzard.

Reproduction: Chickens usually breed during spring and early summer. The hen does not depend on the rooster to produce the eggs, but the rooster´s participation is essential for fertilization to occur.

Behaviour:  The most common mating ritual is for a rooster to perform a sort of dance around the hen, dragging its wings as it walks in a circle around the female. Throughout the species evolution, the hen has lost the need to fly, since domestication presented no danger of predation, however, if cornered they can perform small flights.

Conservation status: Not Rated


Class: Aves

Order: Galliformes

Family: Phasianidae

Length: 50 cm

Lifespan: 15 years

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