Sable Antelope

Distribution and Habitat: They live in savannah regions in southern Africa. From Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, to Angola and Zaire. Their preferred places are a mixture of savannah, woods and pasture areas. Diet: They are grazers, specialized in pastures with abundant... READ MORE.


Distribution and Habitat: Kudus are distributed throughout south and east Africa. The southern population is more dense than the others. This species prefers areas where they can shelter and hide, such as tall shrubs and very high vegetation. Diet: Kudus... READ MORE.


Distribution and Habitat: They are found in Angola, southern Zaire, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya. They usually prefer areas of woods, with possibility of pasture and with water points. Diet: Impalas are ruminant animals and are considered intermediate feeders. They adapt... READ MORE.


Distribution and Habitat: They are mainly distributed across southern Africa. These animals prefer large pastures always close to water zones, as it serves as security due to predators. Diet: These animals are highly dependent on water and can feed on... READ MORE.

Asian Water Buffalo

Distribution and Habitat: The geographical distribution of this species extends from central India to the south of Nepal. They are also present in Bhutan and Thailand. They are found in tropical and subtropical forests. They are considered terrestrial animals, but... READ MORE.

Plains Zebra

Distribution and Habitat: This species geographical distribution extends throughout all southeastern Africa. The biggest concentrations are in the plains of Kenya and Tanzania. They prefer savanna areas and open pasture fields, and sometimes woods. They can also venture up to... READ MORE.

Scimitar oryx

Distribution and Habitat: The oryx is found from the desert to semi-desert regions. This is an extension of territory that rises from Senegal to the center of Sudan, which borders the Sahara desert. Diet: They are herbivorous animals, in which... READ MORE.

Blue Gnu

Distribution and Habitat: Gnus are very scattered throughout the African continent, being that there is greater diversity from Kenya to Namibia. Diet: Gnus are considered grazers and will feed during the day and under the moonlight. Their preferred foods are... READ MORE.


Distribution and Habitat: The geographical distribution of this species extends from southern Sahara to northern Botswana. Giraffes prefer arid and dry areas. They are found in savannas, pastures or open woods. As these animals only drink water occasionally they are... READ MORE.