Shetland Pony

Habitat and Geographical Distribution: United Kingdom; Shetland Islands Diet: Feed primarily on fodder and have a delicate digestive system; the stomach is only able to process small amounts of food due to its small size. Reproduction: The normal gestation period... LER MAIS.

Dwarf Sheep

Geographical Distribution: Distributed practically around the world; they are domesticated animals. Diet: Herbivore. Grasses and tender leaves of small bushes. Reproduction: Viviparous. Females have on average one lamb per birth after 5 months gestation. Behaviour: Gregarious animals that live in... LER MAIS.

African Spurred Tortoise

Habitat and Geographical Distribution: Grasslands, shrublands and dry savannahs along the southern edge of the Sahara desert. Diet: Opportunist and omnivore. Feeds mainly on herbaceous and some succulent plants, but also on animal carcasses encountered. This is the largest terrestrial... LER MAIS.

Galinha de Angola

Habitat and Geographical Distribution: Prefer hot and arid environments with shrubs, such as savannahs or farmland. Native to Africa, more specifically, south of the Sahara. Diet: Omnivore. Varied diet: seeds, fruits, vegetables, insects, frogs, small snakes and small mammals. Reproduction: Oviparous. Lays... LER MAIS.

Galinha Comum

Habitat and Geographical Distribution: Species with wide distribution on all continents. Diet: They essentially feed on grains, fruits, leaves, petals and even rice, maize and even beans. They usually ingest small stones that help grind food in the gizzard. Reproduction:... LER MAIS.

Silver Pheasant

Habitat and Geographical Distribution: South East Asia. Live above 1000 meters in altitude in forests and open fields. Diet: Feed on plants, seeds and fruit. Reproduction: Polygamous, the dominant male can mate with several females. Nest on the ground, a... LER MAIS.

Golden Pheasant

Habitat and Geographical Distribution: Endemic to the mountainous regions of central China, where they live in forests. Feral populations have been established in Europe, America and Australia. Diet: Omnivores. Mainly grains, leaves, shrubs or flowers, but also invertebrates. Reproduction: Oviparous. Lays 8-12 eggs... LER MAIS.

Leopard Tortoise

Habitat and Geographical Distribution: Arid and savannah regions of eastern and southern Africa. Diet: Herbivore. Diet includes a wide variety of plants. Reproduction: Oviparous. Females prepare nests on the ground. After laying 6-15 eggs, the female covers the nest with... LER MAIS.


Habitat and Geographical Distribution: The horse appeared 40 million years ago and has continued to evolve since then. Today, the domestic horse is distributed all over the planet, with the most diverse of purposes including education, work and even sport.... LER MAIS.