Tropical Rainforest

Guinea Pig

Distribution: No longer exist in the wild. Began to be domesticated as of 5000 BC and so exist today as domestic animals around the world. They are, however, native to South America. Diet: Herbivore. Mainly eat vegetables and fruits. Reproduction:... LER MAIS.

Great Curassow

Habitat and distribution: Undisturbed tropical forests and mangroves. If they feel safe can be found in more open areas. Found in Central America, from Mexico to Colombia and parts of Ecuador. Diet: Omnivores: mostly fruit but also leaves and occasionally... LER MAIS.

Red-and-green Macaw

Distribution and Habitat: Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, Panama and Paraguay. Live in rainforests and tropical zones. Diet: Nuts, seeds, fruits. Reproduction: Monogamous species. 2 eggs, 28 days of incubation. Behaviour: Live in couples and/or in a flock, and usually... LER MAIS.

Blue-and-yellow Macaw

Habitat: Tropical forests and wooded savannahs, riparian areas. Diet: Nuts, seeds, fruits. Reproduction: 1-3 eggs; 28 days of incubation. Behaviour: They live in flocks, typically up to about 20 individuals, but couples usually fly together. Very noisy, with loud vocalisations.... LER MAIS.