Common Moorhen

Gallinula chloropus

Habitat and Geographical Distribution: At dusk live in low trees or bushes. Wide distribution, found in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, in temperate and tropical zones, common on oceanic islands. In Europe, they are found in Finland, Scandinavia, the British Isles and on the islands of the Atlantic.

Diet: The moorhen is considered an omnivorous bird. It feeds on a wide variety of plant matter and small aquatic animals. It is opportunistic, which means it takes advantage of the food available. This species also feeds on cereal or fruit.

Reproduction: The nest is built on the ground with twigs and leaves. Females can lay between 8 to 12 eggs in the first clutch and incubation is done by both sexes, lasting approximately 3 weeks. The offspring have their first flight from the nest after 50 days.

Behaviour: Moorhens can walk on aquatic vegetation. They swim well and are able to dive. When threatened by predators, they are able to stay submerged to escape.

Conservation status: Least Concern (LC)


Class: Aves

Order: Gruiformes

Family: Rallidae

Length: 37 cm

Lifespan in the wild: 11 years

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