Demoiselle crane

Grus Virgo

Diet: They spend a large part of the day looking for food. They are opportunistic and omnivores birds that consume a variety of plants along with some animal protein.

Reproduction: They are monogamous animals. The breeding season coincides with the rainy season. These birds have a complex mating ritual. The incubation time is around 29 days, and both parents are responsible for this task. Cranes reach sexual maturity around 8 years of age.

Distribution and Habitat: This species of crane is distributed from Asia to North Africa. They are normally found in open spaces with good visibility. Their preferred habitats are semi-arid savannas, grasslands and steppes. They can be discovered at more than 3000 meters of altitude.

Behavior: Highly solitary birds despite being sociable with each other. When they are not in breeding season, these birds travel in groups, a strategy to feel more protected from possible predators. They are migratory birds and fly at high altitudes.

Conservation Status: Least Concern


Scientific name: Grus virgo

Class: Aves

Order: Gruiformes

Family: Gruidae

Dimensions: 90 cm – 1.5 m high

Weight: 2 kg – 3 kg

Longevity: 25 years in the wild and they can reach 65 years in captivity

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