Interaction with the Lemurs

On the Island of Madagascar interact with these small primates threatened with extinction.


In the lush scenery of the Island of Madagascar you will be able to interact with the Ring-Tailed Lemur and the Red-Bellied Lemur. Accompanied by a caretaker, you will get to know these curious animals and directly take part in a feeding and interaction session. The goal is to give visitors a unique experience and encourage contact with an endangered species, thus promoting knowledge around this animal and raising consciousness on the importance of the conservation of species and habitats.

This new activity is part of the Park’s mission to encourage environmental awareness, a task that Badoca is developing as a member of the European Association for the Study and Conservation of Lemurs (AEECL) and through collaboration with the European Association of Zoos & Aquaria (EAZA), which annually launches a habitat preservation campaign. Madagascar was the most recent location subject to an EAZA campaign wherein Badoca was involved.

This activity is not included in the entrance ticket. Cost:15€/pessoa.

To ensure animal welfare, this session has a limited capacity.

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