Tropical Forest

Delve into the Tropical Forest on an expedition through South America.

Go deep into the Tropical Forest, an installation without barriers, and through the journey observe and get up close with the varied species that inhabit it.

Marvel at the colors of Macaws and listen to their vibrant sounds. Unfortunately, the beauty of these birds is the main cause of the conservation problems faced by this group. Because they are popular cage birds, subject to illegal commerce, many of these species are under threat.

Meet the Mutums, flightless birds of peculiar looks, and watch the colony of Guinea Pigs, playfully digging their burrows, permanently curious.

Environmental enrichment was at the basis of the conception of this space. The design of this entire installation was conceived to create complexity and variability in the environment with the goal of promoting animal welfare and stimulating their natural mechanisms. Illustrated panels allow visitors to get to know the animals and learn about the anatomy and physiology of the different species.

Animals that you can find in the Tropical Forest:

Blue-and-yellow Macaw
Guinea Pig
Red-and-green Macaw

What to do?

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