Carnivorous Birds Presentation

Meet the majestic carnivorous birds in an unforgettable free flight presentation.

Following the caretaker’s commands, eagles, owls and vultures are among the stars of this show. By flying, they reveal their main features and behavior, related to their different habitats. The way in which each bird’s anatomy is closely tied to whether they are predators or necrophagous is also revealed. In this demonstration, some flightless birds, such as the Hornbill and the Seriema, show how different they are from other bird species.

Visitors are thus called to interact with these wonderful animals, in hunting scenes simulations, just as they occur in wild life.

Approximate duration of 30 minutes.

Hours: 11h00/16h00
For technical reasons, of climate and zoological nature, some activities may not be available and the hours may be subject to change. However Badoca Safari Park does not guarantee a refund of the ticket.

Animals that you can find at the Carnivorous Birds presentation:

Abyssinian Ground Hornbill
African Fish Eagle
Black crowned crane
Common Buzzard

Eurasian Tawny Owl
Griffon Vulture
Harris Hawk

Steppe Eagle
Turkey Vulture

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