What to do EN

Interaction with the Lemurs

On the Island of Madagascar interact with these small primates threatened with extinction.   In the lush scenery of the Island of Madagascar you will be able to interact with the Ring-Tailed Lemur and the Red-Bellied Lemur. Accompanied by a... LER MAIS.

Primates Island

Have fun observing our primates and their striking similarities to humans! The great islands of primates, with their size and complexity, recreate a natural environment where common chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) Sacred baboons (Papio hamadryas ) and Mandrills (Mandrillus sphinx) live... LER MAIS.

African Forest

Walk through the African Forest and be filled with the joyful spectacle of colors of the species that inhabit it.   In this space, several African birds display their colorful feathers with striking patterns, in immense variety. The Love-bird is... LER MAIS.

Tropical Forest

Delve into the Tropical Forest on an expedition through South America. Go deep into the Tropical Forest, an installation without barriers, and through the journey observe and get up close with the varied species that inhabit it. Marvel at the... LER MAIS.

African Rafting

Embrace adventure in the tumultuous waters of African Rafting. Immersed in a variety of African settings and surrounded by the animals that inhabit them, our African Rafting was designed for those who like thrilling, adrenaline-fueled emotions! On an inflatable boat,... LER MAIS.

Feeding The Lemurs

Marvel at the lovely primates of Madagascar, an endangered species. In an invitation to habitat and biodiversity conservation, a caretaker feeds the Ring-tailed Lemurs and the Red-bellied Lemurs, endemic to the island of Madagascar and an endangered species. In this... LER MAIS.

Carnivorous Birds Presentation

Meet the majestic carnivorous birds in an unforgettable free flight presentation. Following the caretaker’s commands, eagles, owls and vultures are among the stars of this show. By flying, they reveal their main features and behavior, related to their different habitats.... LER MAIS.