Exotic birds garden

Walk through the Exotic birds garden and be filled with the joyful spectacle of colors of the species that inhabit it.


In this space, several African birds display their colorful feathers with striking patterns, in immense variety.

The Love-bird is a small green and yellow bird with a red beak which carries materials to build the nest under its wings. They mate for life and have been breeding profusely at Badoca Safari Park. The White-cheeked Turaco, very territorial and from the same family of Love-Birds, and the Grey Turaco, a very rare species in Zoos, can also be seen. As well as the Black Crowned Crane, with its proud carriage, displaying its golden crown as it moves elegantly. The Ring-neck with its long tail, indicating sexual dimorphism: the male has a black throat and a rose-colored ring around the neck. The female’s neck is green, of the same color of the feathers, almost imperceptible.

The Eclectus Parrot with its with its vibrant colors and distinctive whistle, also presents a pronounced sexual dimorphism: the male is green and the female is red, almost as if they belonged to different species.

The Silvery-cheeked Hornbill with its strange, deformed beak, which has a casque on. The Kukaburra and its piercing laughter.  Von der Decken’s Hornbill, the famous Zazu from The Lion King, here represented by a female, a male and their offspring.

Today, as a result of animal trafficking, many of these species are endangered or under the threat of extinction. Habitat destruction and deforestation, as well as pollution and nests destruction, are also among the causes for endangerment.

Animals that you can find in the Exotic birds garden: